What Can I Do?

If you are concerned about the effects of this project in our communities and want to know actions you can take, please review the following list and get involved:

  1. SPREAD THE WORD!  Just like us, this may be new information to you.  Please inform everyone you know.  Please feel free to share our website address.
  2. Contact your LOCAL OFFICIALS, both City and County.  Tell them you are opposed to a 200 MPH rail line running through our rural area and the use of eminent domain.  This is an effective tool.
  3. Contact your LOCAL NEWSPAPER.
  4. Contact your STATE ELECTED OFFICIALS.  Let those who represent us at the State Capitol know you are against this project.  Texas Central railway, the developer of this project, has stated on several occasions that it intends to utilize eminent domain to confiscate property for the new R.O.W. if negotiations fail.
  5. Contact organizations you may be a part of that may be interested (i.e. Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers and Farm Bureau) and share your concerns.
  6. SUPPORT Land-Owners ON THE PROPOSED RAIL LINE.  This may not directly impact you, if you do not have property on the proposed line, however the negative effects are far reaching.  Your county, and local schools, will likely see a reduction in tax revenue resulting from a drop in property values or your taxes will rise to compensate for the loss of revenue in the affected areas.  In either case, you will likely feel some negative effects of this project.
  7. Post Comment(s) on the Federal Railroad Administration website outlining your objections and any negative impacts you may experience as a result of this line.
  8. Contact Michael Johnsen, Lead Environmental Protection Specialist, Office of Railroad Policy and Development, Federal Railroad Administration.  202.493.1310
  9. Contact Melissa Neeley, Director of Project Delivery management, Environmental Affairs Division of the Texas Department of Transportation.  512.416.3014
  10. Email us at Admin@notexashsr.com to inquire about ways we can use your support to get the message out.