Response to TCR Preferred Route

Earlier today, Texas Central Railway (TCR) requested the Federal Railroad Administration focus its Environmental Impact Study on the corridor generally known as the Utility Corridor for its Dallas to Houston high-speed rail project. This does not rule out other proposed routes, and does not solidify the Utility Corridor as the final route.

While this announcement helps define TCR’s preferred route choice, this preference does not satisfy the chief concerns of a great majority of citizens. First, the route, no matter where it is located, will in some fashion utilize tax subsidies, which is detrimental to tax payers all over the State of Texas. And second, the high-speed rail will still utilize eminent domain which has the two-pronged negative effect of immediately displacing long-time property owners and seizing private citizen property, and the long-term implications by precedent set and its eventual impact on citizens in other parts of our State regarding their private property rights.

We remain resolved in strong opposition of this high-speed railway and echo the sentiment of State Representative Will Metcalf in his statement today following the announcement by TCR, “We need more roads for citizens to travel to ease our existing roadways. We do not need a High Speed Railway in Texas that will only benefit a few, while at the same time disturbing thousands of citizens within its path.”