Who is Texas Central Partners?

Texas Central Railway put out a press release Friday, February 6, 2015, that revealed TCR’s two preferred sites for the Dallas HSR station.  The release also names the “independent development company” Texas Central Partners (TCP), that will “be responsible for the high-speed rail system’s design, finance, construction, operation and maintenance.” At the end of the press release the description of TCP states:

“Texas Central Partners (TCP) is a private, Texas-based company that will develop the high-speed passenger railway and associated facilities.  TCP and its affiliated entities will be responsible for the system’s design, finance, construction, operation and maintenance.  The proposed project will not request or require grants or operational subsidies backed by taxpayers for its eventual construction and operation.”

Who is Texas Central Partners?  Part of the answer can be found in the Secretary of State’s records for these two entities:

Texas Central Partners, LLC – SOS Filing (020615)

Texas Central Holdings, LLC, is designated as the “Manager” of TCP in the filing.

Texas Central Holdings, LLC – SOS Filing (020615)

Unfortunately, the filing(s) as the Secretary of State indicate that neither TCP, nor TCH, are “Texas-based“, rather  foreign limited liability companies managed from Washington, DC.   Perhaps, TCP, and/or TCH, has a Texas office, but they appear to be managed elsewhere.

Complicating matters, TCR, who is clearly identified in the press release as Texas Central High-Speed Railway, is also registered as a foreign limited liability company, based in Washington DC.  Again, the declaration that TCR is “Texas-based” seems incongruent with the filings.  Here is the filing:

Texas Central High-Speed Railway, LLC. – SOS Filing (020615)

We have additional information on more of the TCR affiliates that will be posted at a later date.