Upcoming HSR Proponent Meetings

Here is a list of upcoming meetings that are being hosted regarding rail in Texas.

Texas Transportation Forum- January 14 -16, 2015, in Austin.  The program includes:

  • High Speed Rail: Can it be a “Game Changer for the Lone Star State? 

Be sure to view the panel of speakers for this seminar.

Southwestern Rail Conference- January 15-16, 2015, in Dallas, Platinum Sponsor Texas Central Railway. Presentations include:

  • Keep Texas moving by rail – essential rail projects by Erik Steavens, Director of TxDOT Rail Division
  • High Speed Rail Dallas to Houston – Update by Robert Eckels, President Texas Central Railway

Be sure to use the link and view the other topics to be discussed.

Commission for High-Speed Rail in the Dallas/Fort Worth Region- January 26, 2015, in Fort Worth – Agenda