3 Houston Officials Declare Opposition to HSR as Proposed

Below are letters from Houston Officials declaring their opposition to TCR’s Dallas to Houston HSR for some very familiar reasons.  Notably, a likely decrease in property values, increase in noise, decrease in safety, vibrations, etc.

Interestingly, their primary focus is to encourage new routes be considered, giving no consideration that where ever this project runs, it will cause the same problems.  Presumably, since the routes were predetermined by the “stop-light-chart” presented at the scoping meetings, TCR and the FRA have opposition that they didn’t count on…the Houston metro area.  Rural and urban landowners alike realize the negative effects that HSR will have, and both care to preserve their properties.

In any event, we appreciate the Houston Officials realizing that HSR is bad for whoever is in the path of this project.  Unwittingly, they will add significant credibility to the opposition, corroborating the concerns of others.  Click on the links below to view the letters.

Thank you Council Members Gonzalez, Cohen, and Stardig!

Gonzalez Letter

Stardig Letter

Cohen Letter_