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High Speed Rail Legislation

Texans Against High-Speed Rail volunteers have been and will be in Austin meeting with legislators and their staff to express our concerns about high-speed rail, and we believe our message is resounding well. Individual legislators have filed a number of bills that address many of our concerns.

Senator Lois Kolkhorst has filed a bill that strips the power of high-speed rail companies to use eminent domain for their facilities.
Senator Robert Nichols has filed legislation that removes companies that plan to build high-speed rail from all of the state’s railroad statutes, including eminent domain.
Representative John Wray has filed two bills, one which removes their ability to use subsidized private activity bonds to build their facilities, and another that requires high-speed rail companies to fully compensate landowners for damages they suffer regarding access to their remaining land.
Representatives Will Metcalf, Trent Ashby, and John Wray have joined together to file a bill that will require the governing body of a city or county to approve any high-speed rail line that crosses a public street, alley, square, or public property.

Please call, write or email your state representative to ask for support on HB 1889, HB 3915 and HB 3918.
Please call, write or email your state senator to ask for support on SB 1601 and SB 1458.

You can find contact info for your representative and senator on our website at

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