Texans Against High-Speed Rail, Inc.

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Great news in the fight to stop high-speed rail in Texas! We are very excited to announce the merger of NoTexasHSR and NoTexasCentral. These groups have become a source of information for thousands of Texans seeking information regarding the Texas Central Railway high-speed rail project. Under the leadership of Ben Leman, the groups are now one official 501c(4) organization called Texans Against High-Speed Rail, Inc.

As an official organization, we can work more efficiently and proactively to fight high-speed rail in Texas. Letters, emails, phone calls and opposition meetings have garnered a lot of attention, and these grassroots efforts need to continue, but we all know it will take a more coordinated effort. We hope to help organize and present information regarding the latest HSR opposition efforts in all counties affected by the current HSR project.

To ramp up the efforts to fight this HSR project, we will have the authority and, with your help, the funds to lobby at both the state and federal levels to make sure our individual voices don’t get drowned out by the TCR lobbyists. Donations to Texans Against High-Speed Rail will allow us to collectively fight this high-speed rail project is going to be money well spent when compared to attorney fees in an eminent domain proceeding or long-term tax hikes to subsidize a failed HSR project. Also, it’s important to note, all those on “staff” of Texans Against High-Speed Rail are dedicated volunteers, so your money will go where it is needed most…to fight for your private property rights and protect our State.

Check out our new website, which will be updated frequently, www.TexansAgainstHSR.com and “Like” our new Facebook page www.Facebook.com/TexansAgainstHSR

The Facebook pages of NoTexasCentral and NoTexasHSR will slowly transition over the next couple of weeks to focus on issues related to HSR in Montgomery County and Leon County, respectively; making TexansAgainstHSR the source of information and action for the state-wide opposition to high-speed rail in Texas.

Stay tuned for more updates from Texans Against High-Speed Rail and be on the lookout for a Texans Against HSR page specific to your county. We hope you will share this important news with your friends and neighbors so we can all work together as one unified voice of opposition to high-speed rail in Texas.

Desi D. Burns Porter | Communications Director
Texans Against High-Speed Rail